Planetside 2 Details New Character Experience

For new players in Planetside 2.

Rogue Planet Games this week revealed upcoming changes to the new player experience in Planetside 2. Why? Because people don’t tend to stick around long after they’ve created their character. Maybe it’s the game’s method of easing them into nonstop death.

New Player Experience is a pretty expansive topic that can cover anything from a player’s immediate attachment to their character and the world, to the boots-on-the-ground combat experience in their first session. The overarching goal is to do whatever we can to ensure new players stick around for longer than they do currently.

Changes include implementing a new tutorial with interactive elements as opposed to blasting the player with text box explanations while a veteran player farms them for kills. Other updates on the way include a color-blind mode, changes to new player default loadouts, better quick-deploy, and more.

Check out the official announcement for more details.

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