RuneScape To Discontinue Hearts of Ice

The treasure hunter currency is going away.

If you’ve been around MMO Fallout for a while, you’re likely familiar with Jagex’s ongoing promises to make the monetization in RuneScape less exploitative and more user-friendly. The extent of their success in that field is up for debate. But this week the UK developer announced upcoming changes to RuneScape’s loot boxes and the accompanying Hearts of Ice currency.

Hearts of Ice is a currency accompanying RuneScape’s loot boxes and freezes out rewards the players might not want. In the next few months this currency will be phased out with players receiving oddments at a 5:1 ratio based on how much they have left.

Originally designed (among other things) to freeze out prizes you don’t want, Hearts of Ice were originally intended to provide players more control over their potential rewards. However, with the changes we’ve already made and those outlined above, Hearts of Ice have become increasingly redundant and – for many – a very low value currency compared to something like Oddments. For these reasons, we feel it’s best to streamline Treasure Hunter by removing Hearts of Ice and instead focusing squarely on Oddments.

Oddments are another secondary currency to loot boxes.

Source: RuneScape

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