Aura Kingdom Adds New Class

Gamigo announces latest big update.

Aura Kingdom has been updated this week with some new content for players. The update introduces a new class called the Whipmaster, a few solo dungeons, and a party version of the Gaia Sanctuary Mode. PvP players will be happy to hear that an updated version of Divine Trial is now live, reducing the number of players required to start a match in this battle royale style game mode.

The Whipmaster is a brand-new character class that uses their whip to ward off evil as well as all challengers foolish enough to test their advanced melee techniques. Players can create their Whipmaster as either a male or female character (sorry, Chibi fans) and should expect their main element to fall under the Holy category but can be expanded to use Storm or Fire.

To accompany the update, players can look forward to level up events, login rewards, and weekend challenges over the next three weekends.

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