Blizzard Will Change McCree’s Name

At some point in the future.

Blizzard this week revealed that Overwatch’s gunslinger McCree will undergo a name change at some point in the future. McCree is one of the main characters in Overwatch and named after real life Blizzard employee Jesse McCree, one of the employees let go in the midst of an abuse scandal rocking Activision Blizzard. The real life Jesse McCree was photographed as part of the Blizzard “Cosby suite,” and is allegedly part of the culture of harassment and abuse that led to Activision being sued by the California state Department of Fair Employment and Housing.

The announcement goes on to state that the removal will take some time, and in addition Activision will no longer allow characters to be named after employees, and further real world references will receive more scrutiny going forward.

Jesse McCree is not the only employee to have references removed from a Blizzard game, although he is the most prominent. Another employee tagged in the Cosby Suite, Alex Afrasiabi, had a World of Warcraft NPC named after him. That NPC has been removed.

Source: Twitter

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