Diaries From Soulworker: KonoSuba Time

Video games with the anime characters.

(Disclaimer: I received a currency package for this coverage and a character boost. Most of my time playing has not been on that character and obviously getting some free stuff in a game isn’t going to sway my opinion on it.)

I’ve been playing Soulworker on and off since the global server relaunch and while I’ve been having some fun it’s been a hard game to keep my enthusiasm up for. Why? Very simply I tend to lose attention during the time the game takes to load and end up doing something else. Like making lunch, or playing another game, and ultimately Soulworker ends up getting its task killed. For some reason Soulworker takes upwards of ten minutes to launch on my PC. I have no clue why. For some it takes even longer. Others have no problem.

Soulworker would be a much easier game to recommend were it not for the creepy jailbait which is something I need to get out of the way right now. The game has a heavy emphasis on character outfits showcasing thick thighs, big boobs, deep cleavage, short skirts, and frilly panties. That’s not a bad thing inherently and most of you have seen my game screenshots on Twitter where I’m not afraid of making good looking lady characters. Most of the female characters are aged 14-17 in this game. That’s where there’s a problem. You can also buy transparent cosmetics to strip the characters down to their bare panties. Now I’m really uncomfortable.

But the meat and potatoes of Soulworker is a dungeon runner beat-em-up that many of you should be rather familiar with by now. You’ve seen this formula in games like Dungeon Runner, Closers, etc. The game consists of going to the hub world, taking on every mission you can, and diving through various dungeons killing monsters by the thousands and raking up combos while chugging health potions and acquiring currencies, materials, and new gear. If you’re ever so inclined you might even pay attention to the story of the game.

I can’t tell you much about the story on account of being distracted by something or other. This game has huge tracts of land.

It’s the perfect game to veg out to while listening to podcasts and beating down groups of mobs by the hundreds. To put it into perspective, it should take you maybe the first or second mission to hit that 555 combo achievement. There’s a level of strategy to the mindlessness as you have an open ability to chain powers from a meaty list for each character and it can be overwhelming if you level up too fast.

As a free to play game, Soulworker showers you in packages upon packages upon events on gifts. What annoyed me with this is that the leveling system is pretty much set for you, in the sense that every five levels you get access to a new leveling reward box that contains gear much better than what you’ve obtained. I have been leveling several characters and haven’t come across any gear on the field better than what the leveling boxes gave me. It removes the excitement factor from drops because it’s almost a guarantee it’s useless for anything other than dismantling.

Also as a free to play game, Soulworker is one of those titles that if you play it casually you won’t notice many of the limitations, but hardcore players are going to hit a brick wall. The game has an energy system that completing dungeons depletes, but I think if you’re a casual player with multiple characters you won’t have to worry about hitting that daily amount. If you’re going hard on the game it’s going to be a problem.

I like Soulworker, and I plan to do more coverage of it. Despite my problems with character ages and the associated lewdness, the plot doesn’t get creepy with the characters. At least to the extent of the plot that I’ve read. If you’re a fan of the dungeon runner type games, I recommend at least checking out Soulworker. There’s male characters too. I think.

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