Steam: Another Dreamworld Appears

Slated for December 1, 2021.

What’s worse than a shady-looking MMO called Dreamworld? Two shady-looking MMOs called Dreamworld! A game popped up on Steam this week called Dreamworld, unaffiliated with the shady crowdfunded game we learned about earlier this year. This Dreamworld has one screenshot and bills itself as;

DreamWorld is an online, PVP urban survival, drug dealing game with RPG elements, based in Philadelphia (specifically low-income areas). Everything costs money in DreamWorld – even your own survival. Money is the standard resource in DreamWorld. Your primary goal as a player is survival and your end goal is to form your online network of players in order to make money to amplify your virtual life. New players spawn into the world with $0, naked and homeless, in a random spawn location on the map. All players have to make money for basic needs such as:

We checked the ESRB website to see if they actually rated the game and as of August 30 there are no listings for Dreamworld.

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