Despite Negative Reviews, MIR4 Is Rising

One week after game’s launch, user numbers keep going up.

MIR4 is an extremely mobile game that recently launched on Steam by Wemade. If you read the Steam reviews the game has some problems, sitting at a present 36% mostly negative out of over 700 reviews. But despite the dissatisfaction some players are experiencing with the combat, the controls, and just overall it being a Steam port of a mobile cash grab (as some call it), the player numbers continue to rise one week after launch. So obviously someone is playing it.

First day peak numbers beat six thousand concurrent users, but each cycle since then has steadily increased. The last dip bottomed out at over fifteen thousand users with the peak breaching nineteen thousand and the next peak likely to break twenty thousand. Peak game time is around 1500 UTC which translates to between 9-11 p.m. in China depending on your location. And it’s obvious looking at the forums that a bulk of the game’s population is in China.

Hopefully they’re not all children, because that spike is going to dive once the new regulations hit on the first of September.

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