Twitch Is Suing Hate Raid Organizers

Starting with two users.

Today’s feel-good piece comes to us from Wired Magazine, where Cecilia D’Anastasio broke the story that Twitch is officially suing hate raid organizers. It’s been no secret that hate raids are becoming more common on Twitch, organized by harassers who create thousands of fake bot accounts and predominately target marginalized streamers with waves of relentless, bigoted personal attacks. For many small channels fighting off a hate raid can be nearly impossible without nearly completely shutting off their channel’s ability to converse with legitimate viewers.

The lawsuit filed in the Northern District of California targets two users identified as “Cruzzcontrol” and “CreatineOverdose.” A recent walkout organized by Twitch streamers in support of victims resulted in a substantial drop in viewership for the day, likely expediting Twitch taking official action.

It seems unlike this will be the last we hear of Twitch hauling organizers of hate raids into court. MMO Fallout has purchased the lawsuit docket and uploaded it for your convenience.

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