Old School RuneScape HD Mod Will Release

RS_117 announces the mod is coming Monday.

Let nobody say unbridled anger won’t lead to results. Last week the Old School RuneScape community went in an uproar over the news that Jagex had banned a mod right before its release and after knowing of its existence for the last two years. Runelite HD is a user-created mod that aims to implement high definition graphics in Old School RuneScape. Jagex sent a vaguely threatening letter to the creator with claims that it would interfere with their own planned HD mode, and announced that going forward such graphical mods would be against the terms of service.

Well players got really angry, staging protests in-game, showing their dissatisfaction on social media, and threatening to cancel their accounts over Jagex’s stance. Later that day, Jagex followed up with an announcement that they were talking things over. And now they have officially reversed course.

HD mode for RuneLite will be released on Monday, September 13 — for free, for everyone.

I will be collaborating with Jagex on the direction of the project going forward so that it remains consistent with their vision for the game. This is not a compromise, it is something I had dreamed of while working on this project.

Thank you to every single one of you for your expressions of dissatisfaction and support, and for making these past few days so positively surreal.

Source: Reddit

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