NFT Game Epic Hero Battles Uses Stolen Art


Update: Sometime over the weekend the Epic Hero Battles Twitter account was deleted. The website and presumably operation remains up and running.

Original: Epic Hero Battles is a “Blockchain-based game on Ethereum network” and nothing stays quite on brand for NFTs quite like theft of another person’s intellectual property. Developer Dan Hindes took to Twitter earlier today to call out the folks behind Epic Hero Battles after discovering that the company had stolen art from his game Wildfire to advertise EHB.

The EHB website has since removed the image and apologized, blaming it on a web dev.

Users discovered in the same Twitter thread that Epic Hero Battles had stolen additional art, including its background image from Boki Boki Pixelart. That image has also since been taken down.

Epic Hero Battle also stole pixel art for its promotional material. Twitter artist @PixElthen responded to the company to complain that his art had been stolen and used without permission, to which EHB refused to take the tweet down.

The company’s Twitter banner also appears to be stolen art and the company has so far refused to remove it.

At this juncture it’s hard to see Epic Hero Battles as anything other than a crypto scam built off of stolen art. The NFT to end all NFTs. The company is shamelessly using stolen artwork from small creators, still unapologetically using some of it, and trying to market a crypto-scheme built on fraud and theft.

Check out Epic Hero Battles, coming to an SEC investigation near you.

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