RuneScape Enhances Shattered Heart

The mini-game is much faster to finish now.

This week’s RuneScape update is here. The folks over at Jagex this week took the time to update an old mini-game for those who haven’t completed it yet. The Shattered Hearts game requires players to find statue pieces while doing their normal skilling, with the goal of building a statue (shocking). Both statues require multiple repeated builds in order to complete, and each build previously could only be completed once per week.

Well now players won’t have to wait a week between builds, meaning it’s now possible to complete the statues without waiting the 30 week minimum. In addition, rocks will now be sent to the bank if the player’s inventory is full rather than destroying the item they just created. Rocks can now be send to the statue from the player’s inventory as well.

This week’s update also greatly increases the buy limit on a number of Grand Exchange items. Check out more details at the patch notes here.

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