Jagex Apologizes For Deadman Mishaps

Promises a solution is in the works.

Another day, another apology. Jagex is finding itself once again on the side of asking for forgiveness, this time after last week’s Deadman Mode finale. The hardcore pvp tournament ended with an event marred by connection issues and latency problems spurred by a direct attack against Jagex servers by an outside party.

In a post on the official website, Jagex acknowledges that the attacks were not part of a broader attack on UK networks as speculated, but a direct attack on RuneScape’s servers. The company apologized to its players and stated that they are still in talks about how to make things right.

We are determined to do what is right for affected players, but as mentioned above, investigations are still ongoing, so we’re not ready to announce what actions we’re going to undertake. Whilst we are still going to honour the outcome of Friday’s event, we are actively exploring the possibility of a re-run, just as we did with the Spring Finals in 2019. Before we can commit to this, there is still a lot more that needs working out. We need confidence in delivering a smooth event, free from these issues. We will do our utmost to offer an update with solid plans as soon as our investigations are complete.

With a prize pool of over thirty thousand dollars on the line, competitors are understandably upset over the conditions of the tournament. MMO Fallout will update when an announcement is made.

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