PSA: Grab These Free THQ Games

Free to keep for the next few days.

Those of you who read MMO Fallout know the only thing I love more than free games is spreading the knowledge of free games. THQ Nordic is celebrating ten years and if you don’t know that, you probably don’t know that there’s a couple games you can grab completely free of charge. That’s free, with no strings attached. On Steam.

First up of course is Titan Quest Anniversary Edition. This is the HD rerelease that includes the base game and Immortal Throne expansion in one title. Titan Quest Anniversary Edition has tons of updates, balances, improvements, tweaks, and fifth feature to the original experience, and it’s just a great game to play if you want to scratch that Diablo itch while waiting for D2: Remastered to come out. There’s also the Ragnarok and Atlantis expansion packs that aren’t free, but are on sale for five smackers apiece.

The second free game is Jagged Alliance Gold Edition. Originally released in 1994, Jagged Alliance is a turn-based strategy game where the player recruits and outfits a team of mercenaries to put an end to the evil Santino and return the island of Metavira back to its people.

If you’re looking for some cheap ass THQ Nordic games, much of their library is still on sale. Redeem the two free games above and they’ll be in your account forever. Until the end of time.

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