GDoC 2021 Weekend Schedule Is Massive

Get your tickets.

The showcase event for Game Devs of Color Expo happened today, but there are so many more speaking events to come over the next few days. Tickets to the event are still available and cost just $20, with the event running through September 26. There is genuinely a massive amount of information and speaking events going on this year, and to show just what people can expect I painstakingly went through and grabbed every event just for Friday, September 24.

And there are two more days of speakers coming after this list. There’s a huge amount of topics to cover this weekend, and it’s something anyone even slightly interested in the industry should be tuning into. In addition to the events, there are opportunities for networking and a job board for those seeking employment as a developer.

Friday, September 24 (Times are EST)

  • 10:35 – Staying Sane Making Games While Everything is On Fire (Davionne Gooden, Creative Director – Studio Zevere)
  • 10:47 – Design Goodwill: Establishing trust in your game’s opening minutes (Sherveen Uduwana, Project Lead – Team Midautumn)
  • 10:58 – The End of Crunch (Muse en Lystrala, Executive Director/Lead Composer – Queenship Game Studio)
  • 11:13 – One year in the industry (entering the industry for the first time) (Dani Lalonders, Head producer – Veritable Joy Studios)
  • 11:36 – Do a barrel roll! A New Normal for Game Devs & Game Development (Shana T Bryant, Senior Producer, Dev Strategy -Oculus)
  • 12:11 – Cooperating as Game Worker Cooperatives (Alex A.K., Creative Director – Soft Not Weak) (Eva-Le?a Longue, Secretary – Animator – Lucid Tales) (Francesca Esquenazi, Co-Founder/CEO/Producer – Future Club)
  • 1:05 – Dev Interview: Sephonie (Marina Kittaka, Art, Writing, Design – Analgesic Productions)
  • 1:28 – From Past Experience to Future Value: Broadening Pathways into Gaming (Gabriela Ponce Curlango,
    Senior Producer -Turn 10 Studios)
  • 1:55 – Bad Media has Better Ideas (Cam Perry, Game Designer -Schell Games / Veritable Joy)
  • 2:24 – Dev Interview: Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield (Neil Jones, Indie Dev – Aerial Knight LLC)
  • 2:48 – Industry Experience: Succeeding When You’re New & Don’t Have Any (Matthew Glenn)
  • 3:06 – Design Your Life: Sustainability while Developing Games From Anywhere (John Diaz,
    Senior Technical Game Designer – Electronic Arts)
  • 3:43 – I Love Procedural Generation (And So Should You!) – (Tyriq Plummer, Artist & Game Designer –
  • 4:39 – Dev Interview: START AGAIN START AGAIN START AGAIN: a prologue (Adrienne Bazir –
    Game Developer)
  • 5:04 – Designing Internal Worlds (Chella Ramanan, Co-founder – 3-Fold Games)
  • 5:28 – Feels Like Home: Introducing a Diverse Setting to the World (Mohammad Fahmi)
  • 5:56 – Dev Interview: Danny Fisher Kills the Government
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