OSRS Leagues III Coming In November

November 3 on Old School RuneScape.

Jagex has finally announced the next Leagues series for Old School RuneScape. Coming November 3, Leagues III shakes up the progression convention once again by having players unlock individual pieces of content.

Much like previous Leagues, you’ll complete tasks that reward you with points. A big twist of Shattered Relics is that rather than progressively unlocking areas as you did in Trailblazer, you’ll instead have to unlock individual pieces of content such as skills, bosses and auto-completing quests. Complete tasks and unlock the content of your choice!

As part of the standard Old School RuneScape treatment, a number of features of Leagues III are being polled to the community. The poll will run from September 9 through October 5, and the latest dev blog shows what players can expect in the coming poll.

Leagues are a seasonal content server that tasks players with gaining points through various means.

Source: Old School RuneScape

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