Jagex Unveils Loot Box Changes

Coming Monday, September 27.

One thing we talk about fairly often here at MMO Fallout is how Jagex is constantly in a state of apology over the predatory nature of its microtransactions while not really doing much to stem said predatory…ness. About once or twice per year Jagex comes out and announces some change to its loot boxes and how they’re being made temporarily more transparent in favor of fairness. But it seems like ever since 2019 when the UK Parliament released a transparency report specifically calling out the predatory nature of RuneScape’s microtransactions by name, that the company has been sufficiently embarrassed into actually working on changing its structure.

This week’s dev blog however highlights some changes coming to Treasure Hunter, the mini-game behind the loot boxes, that actually seem to be making an effort to change the system. For starters, probabilities will now be calculated and shown to the player in real time. The new interface also appears to address the controversy of appealing to children by removing mascots.

In addition, items that have more of an effect on the game are being removed. Skilling outfits, slayer masks, wicked hood tokens, and all cosmetic items except for those currently tied to promotions are being removed with most having a way to obtain through normal gameplay. Items will also be worth more oddments now, meaning players can get their hands on various other rewards with less keys spent.

Updates are coming to the game on September 27. Check out more information at the official website.

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