Hotcakes: New World Is Actually Launching

Pre-load available now.

The journey is finally over. Well that’s not a great analogy. The trip to the car is finally over, and now we can worry about the actual journey. Amazon has finished with its ongoing story of delaying New World and shockingly the game is actually set for launch this week. This week! Can you believe New World was originally supposed to come out in May 2020?

But we can finally get the servers launched and head right into the nitwits on /r/mmorpg posting within one minute about how the game is dead, they’re refunding their purchase, and nobody is playing because they took the day off of work and are now stuck in a server queue, or there’s lag, or other normal launch day problems. I won’t tell people what to do with their lives, but I am going to tell you folks on the internet right now and once again; nobody cares about how you took the day off of work and wasted your PTO in order to play a new MMO. It sounds harsh, but it’s true. You’re not going to get any sympathy because you picked the worst day to try to cram your extended gaming session into, and you’re now having a tantrum on Reddit. Nobody cares.

But for the rest of us, I hope you have a backup plan for when the servers crash into the dirt, get rebooted every ten minutes, and then some big streamer shows up on your server and causes it to crash with their 100 thousand viewers in tow. Me personally, I picked up that Castlevania Advanced collection on the Switch and I’ll be playing that while I wait for the client to reconnect, or patch, or whatever. I suppose I could use that time to write more articles for MMO Fallout, but what’s that logic?

What I’ll also be doing is running some Twitch streams with the sound muted in the background in order to get some drops, because Amazon is doing that. Isn’t this a great scheme Amazon cooked up? Integrate Twitch drops with games in order to get people to artificially inflate traffic numbers? You know 85% or more of the people watching streams for Valorant beta keys or Vanguard or these new items do not give one iota of a crap about the streamer, will never interact with that person again, and won’t even watch the stream. They’ll put it on the lowest resolution, mute the audio, and have it on in the background.

But for Amazon when they sell advertising it’s a great way to rip off advertisers and charge higher prices with fraudulent figures. It’s also a great way to inflate the disparity between your bigger and mid-size streamers since people are going to click on the category, click the first stream that shows up who is often the biggest already, and just set it on in the background.

If you’re going to play New World and try to enjoy it, like I am, and your time is precious just wait a day or so. Also don’t read /r/mmorpg. In fact don’t read that reddit ever, it’s a horrendously toxic cesspit of the most bitter people you’ll ever meet.

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