Now We Know RuneScape’s Gold Drop Rate

It’s as low as you would expect.

Today’s RuneScape update introduced a new skilling boss, as well as the latest revamped edition of Treasure Hunter, the game’s lootbox mini-game. Now the update removed a whole bunch of things from the drop table, including non-cosmetic outfits and a few other doohickeys. What it added is a transparent probability counter to show just how bad your odds are at getting anything good.

So of course MMO Fallout had to dive in and see what the probability is on the 50 million pot of gold. And that probability is a distinct 0.001%. It makes sense, since 50 million isn’t exactly chump change and it’s not something you want going out too often.

But it’s always good to know just how bad of a deal a treasure hunter key is.

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