New World Blows Up Steam Charts

It’s a very poplar game.

Hey, did you know New World is very popular? Because it’s very popular. The kind of popular that people are willing to wait hours upon hours in a virtual queue line in order to play. Also the kind of popular where every news website on the internet is posting stories telling you just how popular it is. What are you, not playing New World? Like some kind of dork?

So New World is incredibly popular, as should surprise absolutely nobody. The game blew up on Steam and has quickly become the second most concurrently played game, just under Counter Strike: Global Offensive and above Dota 2. That hasn’t come without problems however as stated above, with players facing long queue times in order to log in. Amazon has since implemented a ton of new servers in various regions, and hopefully that issue will go away as the launch fervor dies down.

But seriously, New World is really popular.

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