New Worlds Halts New Characters On Full Worlds

Promises free server transfers are coming.

In case you haven’t been paying attention to the news, New World is really freaking popular. So popular that Amazon has been throwing up dozens more servers over the past week to accommodate all the players who want to play. With that said, the game is still suffering from prolonged queue times during high traffic hours, and Amazon is taking an extra step an alleviating the game’s congestion.

As of this weekend, players will no longer be able to create characters on full servers. Amazon recommends that people keep an eye out as the server status changes from hour to hour and servers may open up. It might also be useful to create a character on the server of your choice during off-peak hours to ensure you can actually create one.

The other good news is that Amazon is working on increasing server capacity and should be announcing plans for free server transfers within the next week.

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