Valve Silently Kicked Off Population Zero

Game is no longer available for sale, but the soundtrack is.

Population Zero has been officially…banned? We’ve been talking about Population Zero for quite a while as part of our view into Steam hosting scam software. The game ceased development way back in July 2020 when almost the entire Enplex team was laid off, and earlier this year the servers and website went offline with no comment from whatever remained of Enplex, and more importantly the game has remained for sale on Steam ever since.

Shockingly the game is now gone. It appears someone at Valve heard the cries of the community, as the game has been officially pulled from sale as of this month. What’s surprising is that Valve did not tag the game as banned, and the soundtrack is still available for sale. There’s nothing in the game’s SteamDB history to suggest that the developer had any intentional hand in removing the game from sale either, nor is there a notice of official retirement on the game page. It just isn’t for sale anymore.

Maybe not quite the ending people who spent money on the title were hoping for, but a good outcome to avoid anyone else wasting their time and efforts getting a refund.

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