Planetside 2 Announces Expedition: Oshur

Coming in December.

Rogue Planet Games today announced Expedition: Oshur, the first full-scale continent to be introduced to Planetside 2 in seven years. The update is set for December and also introduces the first instance of battles taking place not just at sea, but below sea level. Think air battles but much wetter and with the added prospect of drowning.

“Rarely do we get to deliver players an entirely new combat space, and it’s been years since a playspace has been created at this scale,” said Michael Henderson, Lead Designer of PlanetSide 2 at Rogue Planet Games. “The team has done some amazing work bringing this to fruition, and I think our players are really going to dig it.”

The first part of the update launches November 17 with players following challenges that will lead them to this abandoned new continent.

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