Lineage W More Popular On Android vs. iOS

Game sits at a 4/5 rating.

We’re about three months out of the disastrous launch of Blade & Soul 2 in Korea, and the sentiment in and around NCSoft with regard to Lineage W has basically been “let’s not screw this up too.” NCSoft unleashed some bold promises regarding Lineage W addressing the potential of pay to win, and now that the game is out how are people responding to it?

Well after a week I can say it’s a lot more popular on Android than it appears to be on iOS. Either that or Apple users just don’t leave comments in Korea because they’re afraid of the curse associated with the practice. Lineage W currently sits at a 4.0/5 on Android with over 70 thousand review scores attached to the game. Over on Apple only 124 users have actually given the game a review, scoring it a much lower 2.0. Players complain about lag and problems with the game simply not working.

Despite the differences in review numbers, Lineage W on iOS is #6 in role playing. The Android version boasts over one million installs. There’s no way of telling how popular the game is on NCSoft’s own Purple platform on PC.

More on Lineage W as it appears.

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