NCSoft Stock Jumps Up After Q3 Report

Stocks trading 23% higher after income report.

NCSoft stocks jumped more than 23% over the last 24 hours after the unveiling of the company’s third quarter revenue results. The company doesn’t seem fazed by the 14% drop in sales over last year or the 56% fall in operating profit over the same period due to last year’s inordinate amount of users logging on while quarantined. Hit hardest among NCSoft’s games are Lineage and Lineage M. Taiwan has exploded as a revenue source over the last two quarters thanks in part to the launch of Lineage2M.

NCSoft stocks closed at 786,000 won, a small way away from the 846,000 won peak prior to the August crash following the launch of Blade & Soul 2, but also a long way away from the 558,000 won that the stock bottomed out at in October. With the upcoming launch of Lineage2M, Lineage W, and Blade & Soul 2 in more territories as well as the next expansion for Guild Wars 2, stockholders should have plenty more money to look forward to in their dividend payments.

Blade & Soul 2’s performance is worthy of note here, as the title launched on August 26 meaning what we see is only slightly more than a month’s income. First month revenues for Blade & Soul amounted to over $19 million USD. This makes it a higher earner in one month than Aion, Blade & Soul, and Guild Wars 2 made over the entire quarter. While initial reviews for the game scared investors, it does appear that people are opening up their wallets regardless and paying out. Long term Blade & Soul 2 health will need to be monitored, but also keeping in mind that the game has only launched in a select few territories.

MMO Fallout will continue our monitoring of NCSoft and supply updates as they appear.

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