New World Adds Road Running

Also some other stuff in this big update.

New World’s latest update Into the Void has finally launched on PC, home computers, and all systems where New World is available. The big update adds the feature everyone has been waiting for; running on roads. Starting today players running on roads will receive a 10% movement speed bonus provided they are both running and doing so on a road. If you are for example standing still, or not on a road, you won’t get the bonus.

In smaller news New World now has a void gauntlet weapon class to grind up to mastery. Based in intelligence and focus the void gauntlet pairs well with the life staff and can be specialized into either a close range DPS build or a debuff/healing class.

Meanwhile a new group of foes called The Varangians have made their way to Southeastern Aeternum and are responsible for some mishegas on the island. What brings them to the island? We’ll have to find out together. They’re probably looking for something powerful.

If you’re looking for an encyclopedia of patch notes, you are in luck. The entire list of updates is quite a doozy to read, and will make up for at least two trips to the bathroom.

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