New World Servers Break Space Time

To the distant future where nobody paid upkeep.

If there’s one thing to say about New World, it’s that at least the game breaks in interesting ways. One pervasive issue that seems to be affecting servers lately is that they keep flashing forward into the future and then crashing. Players in-game suddenly notice the servers are several weeks ahead of time, resulting in towns being immediately downgraded and other effects like everyone’s taxes coming due, trading post offers expiring, etc.

The bad news is that this hasn’t been fixed. The good news is that Amazon has apparently set things up to just reboot the server and roll it back to before the desync.

Some of these maintenance periods are due to crashes (no in game warning appears ahead of these), and our system will automatically assign maintenance while the server reboots. Others are set manually due to the desync issue. The latter worlds will see an in game warning message, and after maintenance, their world persistence rolled back to before the desync occurred. Neither scenario should impact your character data at all.

I know it’s rough, and I’m sorry. We are working to get the desync, the performance concerns, as well as the other bugs you’ve been reporting, resolved as fast as we can. Thanks for the patience everyone.

Why not.

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