Steam: Valve Bans Dev Longer Games

For obviously fake reviews.

Today marks the latest developer banned by Valve for fraudulent behavior. The developer in question is Longer Games, creators of such titles as Cheap Game, Cheap Game 2, and Cheap Game 3. The bans affect seven titles total, with the punishment evidently being instigated by the release of their latest title My Fingers!

The developer evidently just loaded up a ton of fake accounts with copies of the game to give it a positive review using lorem ipsum and random recycled phrases. Using fake accounts, prior to its ban My Fingers! had 124 reviews with a 100% positive review score. Most of the games released by Longer Games have a peak player count of 2-3 people. It didn’t take long before the community pointed out the developer being full of crap.

So it appears Longer Games’ only achievement worthy of public notice will be a hilariously incompetent attempt at scamming consumers and the store front via fake reviews, and losing their entire library over it. Better luck next time.

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