Amazon Offers Statement On New World Bots

They’re dealing with it.

The folks over at New World sent us a statement regarding recent reports of increased bot activity in New World. The good news is that Amazon has expressed determination in fighting bots. The better news is that they’ve banned thousands of bots within the last day or so alone. The long term fight against bots in-game is always going to be an uphill battle.

The statement is as follows;

We’re aware of player reports about increased bot activity in New World. Bots pose a persistent challenge for MMOs, and our team has deployed dedicated resources and tooling to identify and combat them. We are committed to continuous improvement in our fight against bots, and yesterday alone, we banned over 7,700 accounts for using bots. Our goal is to ensure New World is fun and fair for all players. We’ll post updates to the New World forums and Twitter as we have them.

That’s a lot of bots.

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