Ubisoft Quartz Video Gets Slammed

Company unlisted video for unpopular NFT announcement.

Let it be known that just because YouTube hides the dislikes on a video doesn’t mean we can’t see them. In case you missed the story, yesterday Ubisoft announced its plans for NFTs starting with Ghost Recon Breakpoint, and evidently in this community NFT stands for “No Friggin Thanks,” because the video has since been downvoted to hell and back as well as unlisted from Ubisoft’s public YouTube page.

Viewing the video with a plugin the reenables downvote viewing, one can see that the Quartz video has since attained slightly over one thousand upvotes compared to 22.7 thousand downvotes. So just because people can’t see the figure doesn’t mean they aren’t slamming that juicy button.

As of this publishing, Ubisoft is still geared up to launch its first set of NFTs, that will be given free to Breakpoint players, starting tomorrow December 9 at 1:00p.m. EST.

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