Lineage W Apparently Doing Just Fine

Since its launch last month in some countries.

Lineage W launched over a month ago in countries probably not inhabited by MMO Fallout readers if our demographic metrics are accurate. In consideration of the fact that Blade & Soul 2 brought NCSoft’s stock crashing to the ground, NCSoft was kind of relying on Lineage to provide the W. And provide it apparently has.

In a recent post to their investor center, NCSoft notes that the last month of launch has seen Lineage W attaining a “continuously growing user base” and achieving the highest record of user infrastructure, community, and PvP numbers. I’m not sure what exactly that means. The good news is that it’s doing well enough that servers are being consistently added in.

Oh and the game won’t be coming westward until 2022. But you probably already knew that.

The post mostly exists as a preview for a preview, with more details on upcoming updates, content, and more to Lineage W.

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