Black Desert To Reboot Its Classes

Along with new content and a sexy figure for sale.

CalpheON¬†Ball isn’t something I wrote when I sneezed while typing on my keyboard, it is in fact the name of Black Desert’s streaming event. Imagine BlizzCon but with a lot fewer Blizzard games and a lot more Black Desert.

This year’s event showed off the Mountain of Eternal, a new zone coming to Black Desert. With content focused on high and low level players alike, you’ll be able to take on new quests, fight new monsters, and even go on some snowboarding and snow fishing.

Another big update players have to look forward to is the class reboot. Coming December 22, Pearl Abyss is going over seventeen classes with a fine-toothed comb to buff up their skills and appearances. PvP will (hopefully) be more balanced as a result.

And Pearl Abyss showed off the upcoming Dark Knight figure that players will be able to pre-order starting this week. It’s quite a Christmas present for anyone who wants a figure with more curves than a Colin McRae racetrack, and more thigh meat than a bucket of KFC.

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