Rant: Con Artist Tanner Rozankovic Is Back

And running Specpixel Games.

Tanner Rozankovic, aka Varius Benson, may be many things. A pathological liar, a bully, prone to throwing emotional tantrums, an abuser of YouTube’s copyright system, an abuser of YouTube’s privacy system, prone to sending false legal threats at critics, not understanding what GDPR means, posting fraudulent reviews for his own game, and the poisonous tumor solely responsible for ruining his own reputation and business, and all failures associated with it. But one thing Tanner isn’t is honest or full of integrity, and I think that’s something worth remembering. He also brought down the career of Tanner Rozankovic.

But one thing Tanner also is is back, in the form of Specpixel Entertainment and the game New Citizen. And because Tanner can’t stop lying even when people aren’t paying attention, he has already marinated himself in a delicious barbecue sauce, skewered himself on a big rod, and begun roasting in his own juices over an open fire. In a video posted on YouTube, BigFryTV showed that Tanner has been masquerading as a man named Damian who doesn’t appear to exist. Tanner lies repeatedly in direct communication with BigFry claiming at first that Damian exists, only to later backtrack and claim that Damian was a pseudonym used because Tanner’s name would hurt the company’s reputation. Damian was just Tanner’s mom.

In a more recent video, SidAlpha digs into the company directory to find that most of the employees listed are fake. The staff list includes Damian who doesn’t exist, several Fiverr artists who aren’t employed by SpecPixel, voice actors who aren’t employed by SpecPixel. At this point Tanner might as well be hiding his face in his hands and saying “you can’t see me, I can’t see you.”

Unsurprisingly the bully that is Tanner Rozankovic has started filing privacy complaints against the videos exposing this information, according to BigFryTV. The privacy complaints are attempting to target the display of information that isn’t private, including a publicly available news post on SpecPixel’s website as well as Tanner’s public profile picture, and a redacted copy of the company’s registration documents.

There may come a day when Tanner Rozankovic isn’t a liar, a con artist, a bully, and a shyster. But today is not that day. I suppose it’s in our good favor that Tanner is so incompetent that he couldn’t even get the company off the ground before revealing himself as the liar in chief. Think of all the money saved by people who now know not to buy New Citizen.

All GDPR takedown requests to go to contact@mmofallout.com c/o Connor. All Rozankvetching to be sent directly into the trash can care of anyone but me.

Otherwise I have no opinion on the matter.

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