Online For Maintenance #3: Trademarks and Lawsuits

The podcast.

Episode 3 of Online For Maintenance is now available. This week I talk about Hi-Rez Studios, NCSoft, Snail Games, and more. It’s a heavy legal-related episode of Online For Maintenance, so tuck yourself in and get ready for a good nap.

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0:00 – Intro
0:30 – Banter
2:15 – Hi-Rez Studios new studio and Cluckers
7:30 – Hi-Rez Studios and Global Agenda
12:15 – NCSoft and City of Heroes
13:25 – Snail Games Lawsuit
23:30 – Jagex Lawsuit update
31:00 – The Repopulation
42:00 – Developer Communication Sucks
49:45 – Intellivision Amico

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