Hi-Rez Studios Probably Working On NFT Game

Called Cluckers, created by Pot Pie Studios.

It’s trademark time, nerds. In my latest sweep through various gaming trademark databases, I happened upon a few new trademarks by our good pals over at Hi-Rez Studios. The first trademark is for a new company; Pot Pie Games. At least I assume this is a new studio, it certainly is formatted to sound like one. The studios page of Hi-Rez’s website has no mention of Pot Pie Games as of this moment.

What is Pot Pie Games working on? Your guess is as good as mine, but my guess is a game called Cluckers. Ah yes Cluckers, the second of…well, two trademarks. Two trademarks across six categories. Cluckers is a video game, of that we know.

So where does the NFT come from? Well some folks at the Realm Royale subreddit are the only ones who picked up on this trademark so far, and they found a job listing from Hi-Rez Studios mentioning NFT games. The speculation given the name of Cluckers is that it is probably related to the chickens from Realm Royale, with players trading the chickens as NFTs if that is included in the game. That and Hi-Rez has an ongoing partnership with Forte for blockchain games.

Given Hi-Rez’s history of chasing whatever genre is on the front page, an NFT game is a matter of when. Not if. More on this as it appears.

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