RuneScape Kills The Duel Arena This Week

Help restore it with a two week limited event.

The duel arena is deader than corpse stuffed with source code from Darkscape. This week marks the official removal of the Duel Arena from RuneScape, as announced last year Jagex is eventually removing the duel arena from both versions of RuneScape due to the sheer amount of fraud and real money trading that goes on around it.

This week a shattering earthquake has reduced the duel arena to rubble, and it’s up to players to restore the area and build Het’s Oasis. Over the next two weeks a limited event is running, offering daily tasks with rewards based not just on player activity but on the community as a whole. Rewards include a new pet, cosmetic overrides, and yes a new pair of shoes called Gators. Two mini-quests accompany the event as well.

Permanent solo content includes a new agility course, new hunter content, new farming content, and more. Check it out.

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