Steam: Super Benbo Quest Now On

Check out the game Valve doesn’t want you to see.

Super Benbo Quest is a game so sexually charged that Valve saw fit to erase the title from their library. I’m just kidding, the developer got in trouble for changing the game title to “Team Fortress 3” which made Valve upset. The good news is that just because the developer is off of Steam doesn’t really mean they’re out of Steam. Or it does.

Super Benbo Quest as of yesterday is now available for purchase on, and at a 99% discount too with a page that pretty much still looks like the Steam store. Get $366 off your purchase and your hands on a copy of the full game for a mere $4. Spend that $366 on something more important, like 300 Mighty Taco empanadas. Buy a copy. Buy six and give them to the nieces and nephews for President’s Day.

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