Final Fantasy XIV Returns To Sale Jan. 25

Good news for those who want to buy it.

Final Fantasy XIV is so much fun that you can’t even buy it. About a month ago Square Enix stopped selling Final Fantasy XIV completely due to the sheer overwhelming popularity of the title. The good news is that sales are set to resume on January 25.

In a post on the official lodestone, director Naoshi Yoshida goes into detail on planned expansions to the North American, European, and Japanese databases. Due to the ongoing global semiconductor shortage those plans aren’t expected to go into effect until July at the earliest, leading into 2023 to be fully rolled out. The result will be more worlds added and thus more capacity.

Oceanic players will be happy to hear that their server database is going up earlier than expected with five worlds launching on January 25.

Additionally, taking into account the current number of players in Oceania, the original plan was to initially add three Worlds and later introduce two more. In light of the recent influx of players, however,¬†we’ve decided to add five new Worlds from the start.¬†With this, there should be more than enough room for everyone in Oceania to transfer over. Those in Oceania who have struggled with network latency issues should also have a better play experience.

Source: FFXIV Lodestone

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