Myth of Empires To Bypass DMCA Takedown

Sell on its own website.

Say what you want about Imperium, they’re either very confident in their ability to beat Snail Games in court or they’re looking to make as much as they can before the operation goes belly up. Myth of Empires has been off of Steam since early December, and in that time Angela has filed a lawsuit against Snail Games, Snail Games filed a lawsuit against Angela, Imperium, and Tencent, and you still can’t buy Myth of Empires on Steam. In a more recent decision the court denied a request to remove the DMCA over claims by Angela that the loss of revenue may be fatal.

What do you do when Steam isn’t available? Sell it yourself. The folks at Imperium announced today that Myth of Empires is going online for sale at 7p.m. PST this evening. This edition will run for the same $29.99 but with a $5 discount for right now. Steam users will still be able to play with those who buy through the website.

Just keep in mind before you buy it that the game is still being sued for copyright infringement and, if Snail Games wins, will probably be shut down permanently. Plan accordingly.

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