Justice Online Eyes Q4 2022 Release

Developed by NetEase.

Justice Online is an open world MMORPG based on the novel Four Famous Arrets. If you haven’t heard of this title, it launched in China a few years ago where it became pretty popular, but never made its way westward. At least until now. NetEase announced this week that they are eyeing 2022 for a multi-region localization release, which will open up the martial arts MMO to a wide variety of new potential fans.

The world of Justice Online is over 926 square miles with the ability to tame almost any animal in the game to use as a mount to aid in your travels. Recent updates to the game introduced a cloud-based web client and expansions to the seamless map. Unfortunately if you don’t understand Chinese you’ll need to wait a bit longer to play it and know what you’re doing.

Source: Press Release

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