RuneScape Is Getting Board Games

Two of them to be exact.

RuneScape; it’s a video game, a vinyl record, an art book, and a delicious ham sandwich. This year however the MMO takes a trip into the world of the fungible, as Jagex announced two upcoming board games based on the game series. Steamforged Games is releasing two board games based on RuneScape and its Old School counterpart, the twelfth adaptation of a video game to board game for the company.

Jagex CEO Phil Mansell said;

“After more than 21 years of being exclusively available digitally, it’s extremely exciting to be collaborating with Steamforged to create and deliver new RuneScape role-playing adventures to tabletop gamers. By launching the board game via a crowdfunding platform, Steamforged is mirroring our approach of involving the RuneScape communities in taking the game to tabletop.  Given Steamforged’s experience and expertise in transforming video game experiences to tabletop, I’m sure that both RuneScape and Old School RuneScape players will be excited to get their hands on the planned miniatures to create their own adventures with other ’Scapers and board gamers”.

For more details, check out the Steamforged website.

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