Lost Ark’s Rudric Has Players Seeing Red

Bastard coated bastards with bastard filling.

It’s safe to say we all have to start somewhere, and if you polled gamers where they would like people to learn the ropes their answer would likely be “nowhere that affects me.” With the launch of Lost Ark, players rather early into the game are getting a first taste of world bosses in the form of Rudric. Rudric hits hard, spawns a lot of adds, and will beat the crap out of many groups of players.

He also has a limited range and will let you screw over the whole group.

If Rudric is anything, like most world bosses in Lost Ark, he is very transparent. The point where Rudric will stop chasing you is so clearly drawn on the floor that you’d have to be blind to miss it. His hotbar will glow and warn “reset imminent” if you push his boundaries. But if you’ve been playing Lost Ark since its launch, you’ve likely either been the unfortunate victim of, or seen the rage in chat, of someone fleeing a Rudric battle.

Once Rudric hits that point, he resets and goes back to his spawn. And all of his health comes back. Meaning the time that the public group just spent whittling down this boss’ x25 health bars was for nothing. Meaning there’s a few people who probably want to put your head on a spike. Woe be unto those who reset Rudric’s health.

The good news is, in my anecdotal opinion, Rudric seems to be the first and last of his kind to have this problem. Players understand how the pull mechanic works by the time they hit the salt giant, a boss that ironically seems well received and isn’t pulling any salt at all from players.

Lost Ark is currently in head start for founders pack buyers, with full launch on Friday.

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