Old School RuneScape Revamping Duels

As the duel arena gets demolished.

Following the removal of the duel arena from RuneScape 3, Old School RuneScape also prepares to knock its arena to the ground. Last year Jagex announced the impending removal of the duel arena from both versions of RuneScape, owing to the fact that the activity has predominately been used as a venue for gold farming and real world trading for the last however many years. This week Jagex announced the PvP Arena, which will replace the Duel Arena in an upcoming update.

The PvP Arena (known by Al Kharidians as the Emir’s Arena) gives players an opportunity to fight each other in a controlled environment, where matches take place on an alternative save game world against players of a similar skill level. You’ll be able to register your interest in finding a fight and then get on with whatever other activities you want until a match has been prepared.

The PvP Arena will host 1v1 tournaments as well as ranked and unranked duels. Rewards include items that can only be used in PvP against other players while many of the items will be untradeable in order to hopefully keep illegitimate users from flocking to the arena. While the arena itself is not subject to voting, the rewards and other details will be.

More information on rewards and other details can be found on the announcement. Jagex hopes to have the arena available in May with beta testing to take place before.

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