Steam Launches Deck App Checker

Check how much of your library is verified to work.

The Steam Deck is coming out soon. Very soon. So soon that if you have a unit reserved you might want to check in on how many of your games are actually compatible with the system. The good news is you can do just that.

Valve announced the launch of a new website that checks your library for you. No need to worry about security, it’s a part of the Steam store. The list shows your games categorized into three areas; verified, playable, and unsupported. Verified titles are just that; games that Valve have personally verified as being playable on Steam Deck that particularly work great with the built in controls and display.

Playable games are those that work on the Steam Deck but may have issues, such as small text on the screen, or may require additional work to get functioning like manually mapping controller buttons. Unsupported games are verified by Valve’s testing to suggest they will not work on the Deck at all.

Given the Deck is a min-PC, buyers have the option of installing Windows to improve compatibility.

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