Swords of Legends Online Free To Play


Swords of Legends Online is officially free to play today, so if you looked out your window this morning and said “I’d really like to play Swords of Legends Online without paying an upfront charge,” then boy howdy has your extremely specific wish been granted. The free to play switch comes alongside a big old patch that introduces the Fox Mage and Crystal Warrior and Spirit Warrior classes. It also introduces the new body type of “girl.” The fox mage sounds absolutely adorable.

As a class-specific skill, the Fox Mage can transform itself into a small fox using ‘Spirit Fox Transformation’. While in this form, you can choose to sit on a teammate’s head (which gives them a buff), or use ‘Rolling Spirit Fox’ to roll in a forward direction. It’s not possible to attack or heal while in this form.

Just look at that cute fluff.

There’s a bunch more dungeons, areas, quests, a new level cap, and more to be found at the patch notes, but you’ll need to read them for yourself.

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