Lost Ark Will Ban Over A Million Bots

Probably could have done it sooner.

Lost Ark players should prepare for the inevitable possibility of false positives, Lost Ark’s team announced today, as part of a massive bot ban wave that will encapsulate over a million accounts. In an announcement on the forums, players should expect over a million accounts to be permanently banned determined to be running bots.

In this massive ban wave, it is possible that a small number of players may be erroneously identified as bots. We have taken every step possible to prevent that from being the case, but it is possible that edge cases could occur. For any impacted players who were earnestly playing Lost Ark, and not modifying their gameplay in any way, you should appeal a ban by submitting a ticket to our support site.

More frequent anti-cheat ban waves should be expected in the future. As a free to play game, Lost Ark has come under heavy abuse by bots since its launch.

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