Space Punks Hits Open Beta On April 20

Punks in space.

Space Punks, the action RPG about punks in space, is finally hitting open beta. When? On April 20, did you not look at the headline? The title comes to us from Flying Wild Hog published by Jagex. The April 20 update marks the final wipe of beta, and introduces a core gameplay loop overhaul as well as new endgame endless dungeons.

Check it out. Or just watch the trailer here. It’s on the Epic Games Store.

Phil Mansell, CEO of Jagex, said: “Space Punks embodies Jagex’s living games philosophy by offering players an ever-evolving multiplayer experience with a strong focus on social play. Working closely with a game’s community is central to everything we do for the RuneScape franchise, so it is an absolute pleasure to work with a studio like Flying Wild Hog whose values align so closely with our own. It has been a privilege to support Flying Wild Hog throughout the Early Access phase of development, and we look forward to supporting them throughout the game’s Open Beta on the Epic Games Store as they continue to build a long-term and meaningful relationship with players through 2022 and beyond.”

Source: Press Release

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