Total War Battles Pulled From Steam

Ahead of closure later this month.

Total War Battles: KINGDOM was a free to play Total War game developed by Creative Assembly and published by Sega. Released in 2016, Total War Battles is coming upon its sixth anniversary. At least it would be were it not shutting down at the end of this month.

As announced on April 1, a poorly timed non-April Fool’s Day announcement, Total War Battles will shut down on April 28. As an online only game that of course means everything is going away, and yes that includes all the money players put into it. While not mentioned specifically in the announcement, it doesn’t appear that Creative Assembly is doing any refunds even for very recent purchases. Unfortunately those have become very rare in this day.

In the lead up to the removal, Total War Battles has been officially retired on Steam making it impossible for new accounts to acquire the game and play it in the last couple of weeks. Best of luck to those seeking a new game, and keep this in mind if you’re upset about the idea of losing your purchases when an online game shuts down.

All six fans of the game that were left.

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