Netease Shutting Down Rules of Survival

Game already pulled from Steam.

Rules of Survival is a battle royale game developed by published by Netease, and the game is officially dead. Well not officially right now. Earlier today Netease announced via the Steam page that Rules of Survival will shut down later this year. Launched in 2018 with a beta that launched in 2017, Rules of Survival is one of the earliest battle royale games to hit the market during the big genre explosion.

Unfortunately for players however the support for Rules of Survival over the years has been absolutely awful. The game allowed cheaters to run rampant which contributed significantly to an exodus of players, and a quick glance at the Steam charts show the game hasn’t been breaking even 200 concurrent players for well over a year. Netease either being unwilling or incapable of dealing with cheaters and taking care of bugs/exploits in a timely manner resulted in yet another game killed due to the feckless actions of its creator.

Thank you to everyone who has offered tremendous support to Rules of Survival—Steam. From the date of this announcement, unused in-game Diamonds can still be used before June 27, 2022 (15:00). We hope you will keep enjoying the game. Please be informed and spread the news. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our customer service.

In a world where competently maintained battle royales are plentiful, Rules of Survival simply has no place. Servers shut down June 27.

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