Steam Boots New Frontier Off Of Store

Sergey Titov’s scam gets busted.

New Frontier is a scam. Of course it is, Sergey Titov was behind it. The origins of New Frontier go all the way back to its days as Wild West Online, a scam title released by one of Free Reign Entertainment’s shell companies. While initially denying that Sergey Titov was involved in the game, Wild West Online finally admitted that yeah he was pulling the strings before shutting down the fake shell companies, shutting down the game, and rebooting it as the scam we all know and hate; New Frontier.

New Frontier has been booted off of Steam by Valve, on account of Free Reign Entertainment being a functionally defunct studio and the fact that the game hasn’t worked in over six months with even admins on the official Discord being unable to reach anyone. This is one of those rarer moments where instead of banning a game, Valve simply forcibly retires it. Unfortunately they did not retire Free Reign’s other current scam game; Magnificent 5. The 2020 embarrassing failure of a battle royale game that was dead on day one.

For their part, Free Reign Entertainment appears to be completely dead. Their scam title Outbreak: New Dawn (yet another re-release of its zombie sandbox game under a new pseudonym) was abandoned in 2020 without ever launching, the company’s website hasn’t been updated since 2016, and the company’s social media accounts appear to have mostly shut down along with their Discord. I think it’s fair to say that the days of Free Reign vomiting out another clone of its own titles to bilk customers and then abandon them mid-development might be over.

At least I hope it is. The beast never truly dies, but Sergey Titov will always be gaming’s most incompetent developer. Now ban Magnificent 5 next.

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