The Cycle Will Compensate Cheating Victims

Got cheated? Get treated.

The Cycle is deep in its first season, and everyone wants to know what the hell those nerds at YAGER are planning on doing about cheaters. Well there’s good news on that front. In a dev diary video posted this week, executive producer Jonathan Lindsay confirmed that the team is working on a compensation package where victims of cheaters will be reimbursed in some fashion when they are killed by a player later banned for cheating.

The Cycle already uses BattlEye for its anti-cheat, along with internal systems. Players will also find themselves unable to join regional servers if their ping is above a certain threshold, meant to combat cheating and players using VPNs to access regions they don’t live in. The Cycle is free to play on Steam and Epic. It currently holds a 63% mixed rating based on over twenty three thousand reviews.

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